Rudolph Hawthorne

That reindeer had better watch out because Santa might've found a replacement.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!


Good Stuff Maynard

Gotta have fun when you draw.

I misread something that my friend Brittany was typing when she was describing her workspace for when she was creating dolls.  She misspelled "patterns" and I read it as Patterson or Pattinson and VOILA!  Robert Pattinson sitting on Brittany's bed helping her sew her dolls.  Had 'ta draw it.

PocaTrontas just had to be drawn.
I should've been sleeping or studying or drawing for some other project.  But sometimes you just have to create something simple or silly or you'll go crazy trying to do serious or required work all the time.


Star Wrangler

Star wrangler on top of his balloon.

I'm excited this break to do Vis Dev stuff like this for my film.  I've finally settled on an final idea so it's time to finish boarding, do layouts, character designs and animate this break!


Final Layout Assignment

Last one!

This is me using photoshop for the first time, from start to finish.  I usually wander away from photoshop somewhere in the middle.  I went color crazyyyy.  Thanks to everyone who put up with me and my questions!



An appealing and unappealing bear.  Enter witty comment here.



In the middle of an assignment, I did this quick scribble of a picture of my dad and I that I have on the wall in front of me.


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

I like The Secret Garden, the countryside, a big mysterious house, adventures in pajamas, rainboots, gloomy cold weather, McGonagall.

Mary is always so serious and angry looking, but I would be too if other kids taunted me when no one came to pick me up after my parents died in an earthquake in India.  Kids are so mean.  Yes, her parents just died, let's throw nursery rhymes at her.

Tiffany would like to add: "kids are so mean, yeaaaaahhh.  play with that crooked spined mean boy.  PLAY WITH HIM."

Another Layout

Another layout from Layout class.
I'm sticking with a film idea finally, rough storyboards and designs are in the making!

I haven't posted in so long because I keep telling myself I can update once I change my blog layout, still haven't done it yet so I'm updating anyways.

Oh!  My friend accidentally found us an amazing pumpkin patch.  I got some more ideas to add to my film.



Layout homework for this week.  Two characters, one with a start and ending pose.

 It scanned weird at the top.  Getting back into watercolors after a summer without them.


red light... GREEN LIGHT!

School, is in session.

I've been working on a header, I'm changing my layout, and I wasn't allowing myself to post until I had all of that together.  But here I am.

I have two doodles to offer in preparation of bigger and better things.  Sleepy guy right here is gonna lead to bigger and better things.


Oh life...

I haven't posted anything or have drawn this much this summer.  My dad passed away on July 10th, 2010, very, completely, unexpectedly.  One minute he was here, the next, he was gone.  Gee I love commas huh.

He was an amazing guy, and I will talk about him for the rest of my life.  He completely backed up my dreams and career wishes.  My dreams became his dreams.  And he didn't question it when I wanted to get into the field of animation, of all things.  No one in my family is an artist, I always talk about how they must've picked up the wrong baby from the hospital.  The support I received and still receive today is astounding because I know there there are people out there who don't get supported to chase their dreams.  He went so far to help me get to my dream school, CalArts.  He was there the moment I got the call saying that I was accepted, and he was a part of my first year.

He sadly isn't continuing his journey, but I will take him wherever I go.  In my decisions, in the quirks and habits that I've gained from him, in the looks that I have from him, in the lessons that he's taught me, the knowledge that you only need to act like an adult when needed, and especially all those sayings he would always be shooting off;  "Lighten up Francis!"  "Negative Nancy"  "Because Willy likes cheescake."

He was the biggest kid that I knew and he had the biggest heart, he was fearless, he was from Ohio, and he the best dad I could've ever dreamed of having.

Expect frequent updates, I mean it this time.  Doodles and artwork will be posted.

Look to the skies folks for my film idea this year.


Here's a monkey, 1st year.

 The past year has been amazing.  I got to wake up everyday and do something that I love.  I've made so many amazing friends during my first year at CalArts.  The students and the teachers have taught me so much, I can't wait to apply all the things I've learned this summer and next year to my work.

Here's a monkey to start the summer off!



Melissa van der Paardt is the first film for the Open Show!!! Followed by Samantha King!!!

HAH! Makes me ridiculously happy.



Prepare for this blog to actually be used regularly! I feel like such a bad person for not updating when there's kind people out there following this blog.

I was working on this scene today while talking to friends and we were all laughing and having a good time so I kept channeling my feelings accidentally into my drawings. It happened a good 4 or 5 times where I drew my character smiling instead of having that neutral frown.


John Sebastian

I've been listening to Lovin' Spoonful recently, the lead singer has quite the chin/jaw on him. I doodled it before starting animation, I love the hair in 60's! This look is from "Summer in the City", but I'm posting "Do You Believe in Magic" for the chaotic fun going on in the video.



Films are due in 19 days.




Let's make a film! I thought that I had an idea, but now I'm kind of scrapping it.

Glen Keane came and talked last night. He shared some Rapunzel stuff with us, like I had been hoping, and I'm even more excited then I was before. I found out that he had been working on this film since 1996, which is pretty damn crazy. He showed us some rough animation he did of Rapunzel and some sketches of her that showed how her hair is really apart of her and her personality. How she would talk with it, think with it, and walk with it.

He got all of us excited to work on our films, and thanks to Kyle's question we got to see some sketches from his sketchbook when he went to the United Nations.

I'll be posting some projects that I've done soon.


Winter Break

Happy 2010!!

Let's start with another picture of Tiffany and her obsession with the curtains in the cubes back at CalArts (look for the foot at the bottom
and the arm sticking out at the top).

My poor animation disk.