Lines of Love

Second year is coming to an end, and I had a great friend filled day today.  

Our second year class is what I consider a family and an amazing community of people, and I can't wait to continue our education into our careers and hopefully all stay in touch as we all continue on.

Finished this one surrounded by friends!  Mushymushmush.


Black Swan

Producer's Show was yesterday!
It was full of great films and great people, I loved how the opening and the ending credits turned out.

So for some reason I had to kill the lingering happiness by watching Black Swan, and thus I ended up discovering that I had to draw something from it to be cleansed from that feeling that the film gives ya.



Sorry!!  I'm a tiny bit behind on posting.  But hello to new followers!  Thanks for watching me!

Here's a scribble for my 3rd year film.