Tiffany Ford & Keane Street

If you're ever on Keane Street and you see that. It's because of this.

(Tiffany ((left)), Hyojin, and Sammy Jo ((right)))

Tiffany Ford makes forts using the curtains on Keane Street, she gets better and better every time.

Here's Sophie and Hyojin, they were eerily like the twin girls in The Shining. One day they were wearing the same clothes, so I had them pose like this. Sophie got a haircut so they're no longer twins.

Catching Up: Visiting Artists Post

What is this madness. Winter break is almost here!! When did this happen?

I love CalArts and I love this giant dysfunctional family. Here's a picture of a group of Character and Experimental Animation girls and a Tom.

I've met so many people and experienced so many things that some people will never manage to do during their whole life. The visiting artists and opportunities that CalArts has produced has been amazing.

Visiting Artists:

Tina Price, the head of the first ever animation expo, CTN Expo, was our first visitor. The first 25 people to show up got free 3 day passes to this amazing event which happened 2 weeks ago. What an amazing experience that was, a room full of our idols were there for us to talk to, get criticism on our portfolios, and look at their work. There are already dates for next year and I'm so there.

Mark Andrews from Pixar came next, and he storyboarded for over 3 hours. He was very funny and sarcastic, and whenever he thought that we were getting bored he created his own theme music and sound effects for the scenes that he was working on.

James Gurney came next, the creator of Dinotopia. It's great hearing from all these artists and seeing all of the different areas that they specialize in and seeing their techniques. In order to figure out how lighting would hit certain buildings or objects, or figuring out how some made up object would work, he would create models. He makes tons of models to figure out what they would look like in a real environment so that his paintings would look realistic.

Up next was Shane Acker and Joe Ksander. Shane Acker is the creator and director of 9, and Joe was the Animation Supervisor. They gave us probably the most realistic talk that we'll ever get out of our four years here. They were thrown countless obstacles but they made it work. I will never feel hopeless if I come across some issue, because I know that if Shane and Joe could make it work, then I sure as hell can. Those guys did an amazing job with 9.

Then we had Lindsey Pollard, John Holmquist and Greg Colton from Family Guy. It was cool to see how they directed certain episodes, how the humor would be changed, and obstacles that they had to deal with. For instance, hundreds of people in wheel chairs coming together to form a giant man.

Gil Kenan who directed Monster House and City of Ember came next. He showed us the process of creating a scene in Monster House, and he also showed us his film that he made when he was a student.

Randy Haycock came but I was at CTN so I didn't attend. And the last visiting artist that we had was Pete Sohn from Pixar, creator/director of Partly Cloudy, the short that showed before UP. I had forgotten that he was the voice of Emile from Ratatouille also. I remembered once he started telling stories about how he got the part and so on. He was a really funny and genuine guy, he talked a lot about love for animation.






Get ready to stalk

Hey boys and girls!

(My schedule is at the bottom)

I'm in my dorm room at CalArts! All of the orientations and registrations finished yesterday, so today I've been relaxing probably for the last time. I wanted to come on here and post my classes, I'll do a post where I show pictures of how I was surrounded by my stuff in the back seat of my parents car on the ride up here. And more detail about orientation/registration, the naked parade and such (hahaha, don't worry about it, I'll explain soon). Oh, and also pictures of my dorm room. SO, first, here are some drawings I did during one of the orientations.

During our Character Animation orientation, Leo Hobaica, our Color & Design teacher, really made me realize that I'm at CALFREAKINGARTS. He told us that for each butt in a plastic chair, there are 4 or more people per person that want to be in that seat. I am so excited and happy to be here. I'm so ready to learn, I don't understand how kids skip class. When we checked in we got a free CalArts bag. This bag symbolizes a lot, especially for the freshmen that had been trying to get in here for a long time. We're finally here, at our dream school, getting to do what we love.

Everyone at CalArts is so happy and so friendly. We all smile as we pass each other in the hallways, and talk to each other even though we're complete strangers because we're all so damn happy to be here. I love it.

Here's a pic of the bag, and a little coin purse type thing that you can put your ID into if you want (we got it at another orientation). I wanna paint the lettering.

Alrightly! Here's my schedule. There's a class here called Film History, it involves writing a 2 page essay a week (that was the first thing I heard and I was just like no way). I have a schedule of all the films and dates we'll be viewing them, and I am so excited. I wasn't at first, but I was able to make a copy of the course syllabus and such and reading through it I can't wait to "examine the visual language of the medium." I think (dare I say, know) this will help me with my film making. I know it'll change how I view films and criticize them. Bring it on Film History!!


CS110WRITING ARTS: 20TH C. ART & SOCIETYNelson, Maggie3.00T 4pm to 5pm & W 10am to 12 NoonBIJOU
CS175AFILM HISTORY I - 1895-1950Mairs, Gary3.00Th 4pm to 7pmBIJOU
FC101A03BEGINNING COMPUTER ANIMATIONDomingo, Robert2.00M 7pm to 10pmA109
FC105A01INTRO TO DIGITAL PRODUCTIONMetzger, Ethan1.00T 1pm to 4pmA108
FC110A01BEGINNING LIFE DRAWING (A-K)Brown, Steven2.00Th 9am to 4pmA221O
FC115A01BASIC PERSPECTIVE (A-K)Hansen, Dan2.00M 1pm to 4pmPALACE
FC140-01COLOR AND DESIGN I (A-K)Hobaica, Leo2.00T 9am to 12 NoonPALACE
FC155A03BEGINNING STORY DEVELOPMENTStillwell, Jennifer2.00W 7pm to 10pmF200
Total Units19.00



Valencia in 11 days!!!!!!! AGGGHHHHHHH!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!??!?



Where art thou Tim? I heard you met my "crazy aunt" at your job.

Dreams do come true, for serious

I took a few hours today to search for rooms to rent so that I had some place to stay while at CalArts. After e-mailing 6 or 7 people about renting a room, I get a call from CalArts saying that a student cancelled their dorm room, and I won the luck of the draw and got the room!!! AND THEN, she took my roommate request that my friend and I sent in and we get to room togther!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So heck yes, this is amazing insanity! 26 Days.



Did the 'title' give you enough excitement?! Because I just wanted to come on here and make up for my last lackluster post. I SWEAR I'm excited for CalArts, for serious. I've just wanted this for long and have researched and read other students blogs and thought about what I would do for their class projects, that I'm still in shock and disbelief. I'll have rare moments 2 or 3 times a day where I realize I'm going to CalFREAKIN'Arts, but otherwise I'm still oblivious. It hasn't fully set in. I just wanted to make sure that whoever reads this knows I am just in shock and awe that I got into my dream school and that I get to follow my dream.

In other news I cut 10 inches off my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. I've done this one other time before in my freshmen or sophomore year of high school, and now I'm not sure if my hair's ever made it. I left before either place bagged 'em up. I mentioned this to my mom and she was just, "Ah geez just stop."

I've been wait listed for a dorm room at CalArts, but someone on animatedbuzz just got an e-mail that he got a room, so I'm still hopeful...



After 7 months of being on the wait list, I got a call 3 nights ago saying congratulations, then I received the legit congrats in the mail today. The picture quality isn't that great. ANYWAYS, there are sparse moments where I realize I'm going to my ultimate dream school, but for the majority, it hasn't hit me yet. Which is RIDICULOUS!! Maybe when I hear back from Financial Aid and Housing it'll start to register...