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Hey boys and girls!

(My schedule is at the bottom)

I'm in my dorm room at CalArts! All of the orientations and registrations finished yesterday, so today I've been relaxing probably for the last time. I wanted to come on here and post my classes, I'll do a post where I show pictures of how I was surrounded by my stuff in the back seat of my parents car on the ride up here. And more detail about orientation/registration, the naked parade and such (hahaha, don't worry about it, I'll explain soon). Oh, and also pictures of my dorm room. SO, first, here are some drawings I did during one of the orientations.

During our Character Animation orientation, Leo Hobaica, our Color & Design teacher, really made me realize that I'm at CALFREAKINGARTS. He told us that for each butt in a plastic chair, there are 4 or more people per person that want to be in that seat. I am so excited and happy to be here. I'm so ready to learn, I don't understand how kids skip class. When we checked in we got a free CalArts bag. This bag symbolizes a lot, especially for the freshmen that had been trying to get in here for a long time. We're finally here, at our dream school, getting to do what we love.

Everyone at CalArts is so happy and so friendly. We all smile as we pass each other in the hallways, and talk to each other even though we're complete strangers because we're all so damn happy to be here. I love it.

Here's a pic of the bag, and a little coin purse type thing that you can put your ID into if you want (we got it at another orientation). I wanna paint the lettering.

Alrightly! Here's my schedule. There's a class here called Film History, it involves writing a 2 page essay a week (that was the first thing I heard and I was just like no way). I have a schedule of all the films and dates we'll be viewing them, and I am so excited. I wasn't at first, but I was able to make a copy of the course syllabus and such and reading through it I can't wait to "examine the visual language of the medium." I think (dare I say, know) this will help me with my film making. I know it'll change how I view films and criticize them. Bring it on Film History!!


CS110WRITING ARTS: 20TH C. ART & SOCIETYNelson, Maggie3.00T 4pm to 5pm & W 10am to 12 NoonBIJOU
CS175AFILM HISTORY I - 1895-1950Mairs, Gary3.00Th 4pm to 7pmBIJOU
FC101A03BEGINNING COMPUTER ANIMATIONDomingo, Robert2.00M 7pm to 10pmA109
FC105A01INTRO TO DIGITAL PRODUCTIONMetzger, Ethan1.00T 1pm to 4pmA108
FC110A01BEGINNING LIFE DRAWING (A-K)Brown, Steven2.00Th 9am to 4pmA221O
FC115A01BASIC PERSPECTIVE (A-K)Hansen, Dan2.00M 1pm to 4pmPALACE
FC140-01COLOR AND DESIGN I (A-K)Hobaica, Leo2.00T 9am to 12 NoonPALACE
FC155A03BEGINNING STORY DEVELOPMENTStillwell, Jennifer2.00W 7pm to 10pmF200
Total Units19.00