Oh life...

I haven't posted anything or have drawn this much this summer.  My dad passed away on July 10th, 2010, very, completely, unexpectedly.  One minute he was here, the next, he was gone.  Gee I love commas huh.

He was an amazing guy, and I will talk about him for the rest of my life.  He completely backed up my dreams and career wishes.  My dreams became his dreams.  And he didn't question it when I wanted to get into the field of animation, of all things.  No one in my family is an artist, I always talk about how they must've picked up the wrong baby from the hospital.  The support I received and still receive today is astounding because I know there there are people out there who don't get supported to chase their dreams.  He went so far to help me get to my dream school, CalArts.  He was there the moment I got the call saying that I was accepted, and he was a part of my first year.

He sadly isn't continuing his journey, but I will take him wherever I go.  In my decisions, in the quirks and habits that I've gained from him, in the looks that I have from him, in the lessons that he's taught me, the knowledge that you only need to act like an adult when needed, and especially all those sayings he would always be shooting off;  "Lighten up Francis!"  "Negative Nancy"  "Because Willy likes cheescake."

He was the biggest kid that I knew and he had the biggest heart, he was fearless, he was from Ohio, and he the best dad I could've ever dreamed of having.

Expect frequent updates, I mean it this time.  Doodles and artwork will be posted.

Look to the skies folks for my film idea this year.


Rowdy Style said...

i think you will grow to be the woman he always thought you would. a good tribute.

jasmin lai said...

There's no question your dad would be incredibly proud to have an amazing daughter like you. The way you described him and talked about your thoughts is so inspiring... keep going Katelyn! GO KATELYN GO!

Brittany McCarthy said...

Katelyn, I love you and you're a fantastic person and I'm sure your Dad is proud of you. Remember that your new animation family, us, supports you too!! We'll always be there for you.

BTW The doodles of your bicycle girl, I'm totally loving them. I really like that you put the note in her pocket.