Rudolph Hawthorne

That reindeer had better watch out because Santa might've found a replacement.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!


Good Stuff Maynard

Gotta have fun when you draw.

I misread something that my friend Brittany was typing when she was describing her workspace for when she was creating dolls.  She misspelled "patterns" and I read it as Patterson or Pattinson and VOILA!  Robert Pattinson sitting on Brittany's bed helping her sew her dolls.  Had 'ta draw it.

PocaTrontas just had to be drawn.
I should've been sleeping or studying or drawing for some other project.  But sometimes you just have to create something simple or silly or you'll go crazy trying to do serious or required work all the time.


Star Wrangler

Star wrangler on top of his balloon.

I'm excited this break to do Vis Dev stuff like this for my film.  I've finally settled on an final idea so it's time to finish boarding, do layouts, character designs and animate this break!


Final Layout Assignment

Last one!

This is me using photoshop for the first time, from start to finish.  I usually wander away from photoshop somewhere in the middle.  I went color crazyyyy.  Thanks to everyone who put up with me and my questions!