I usually just have a thumbnail and go for it in photoshop, but I actually did the drawing on paper so I have all my steps.

I had the image of the fragile woman and her ring finger in the beam of light idea in my head, doodled it out.

Then I had to back up to see where the beam of light would be coming from to make that angle on the bed.

Sketched out version

Final Sketch

Final sketch with values laid in with more pencil work and the levels altered in Photoshop.

Added photoshop values to block it out even more.

Then I added colors and kept tweakin!  Final is at the top o'course.

I even drew the couple in the frame on a different piece of paper.


Sea Cave

Here's a sea cave and a touching moment.  

Because they totally go together right?

Expect a regular posting schedule, no but really.



Let's try drawing something in 30 minutes!!  This is what I got...



Trying to be more shape and line conscientious.



Here's Hermione.  


Thanks to everyone who gave input!!


Manly Facial Hair

Thank you, 4 hours of Critical Studies, for letting me produce these guys.

I compiled them into this!


Color Study

I wanna do daily color studiesssss, outta picture's that I've taken.

Here's the first one!

Thanks for the photo-op, mountain in Utah.


Mug Shots

Here are some portraits from last year's figure drawing class.  One day we didn't have a model and we just drew each other, and a Martha Baxton!


It's been ages!

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I have so many sketches in the works that I can't wait to finish and share them.  Here are some sketches in the meantime.

Expect weekly updates.


Nifty Hat

Here's a quick sketch.  

They give you the niftiest hat when they rip out all four of your wisdom teeth.

Don't be jealous.


Hagar the Horrible

Gonna do a whole series of these babies.



Just wanted to update!

I'm so sorry nothing new has been uploaded in a while, but I'm going on a cross-country road trip and through daily drawings in different environments I hope to overcome my art block.  And I'm also hoping this trip will jump start daily postings of art.

Art to follow very soon!


Spoiler: SUPER 8


I went to the midnight premiere of SUPER 8 at my local movie theater and fell in love. The characters and the situations they were in with their reactions were all so great and heartfelt.

Go see it!



Trying to get back into the swing of summer.  This is a part of something that I did for my Mom's birthday.


Lines of Love

Second year is coming to an end, and I had a great friend filled day today.  

Our second year class is what I consider a family and an amazing community of people, and I can't wait to continue our education into our careers and hopefully all stay in touch as we all continue on.

Finished this one surrounded by friends!  Mushymushmush.


Black Swan

Producer's Show was yesterday!
It was full of great films and great people, I loved how the opening and the ending credits turned out.

So for some reason I had to kill the lingering happiness by watching Black Swan, and thus I ended up discovering that I had to draw something from it to be cleansed from that feeling that the film gives ya.



Sorry!!  I'm a tiny bit behind on posting.  But hello to new followers!  Thanks for watching me!

Here's a scribble for my 3rd year film.


Films Done & Figure Drawings

Life begins again!  
Until I start working on my film for next year, which is tonight or tomorrow.

But yes, my film is turned it!  It is what it is, after all the "set backs", which is what made my film what it is now.  It is, was an is, is an is, as an is, in the is.

Here's some figure drawings from today, the first bit of my own drawing outside of my film for the longest time.


Films are almost due!

11 hours and 45 minutes, until films are due!

The computer lab that I've been in day in and day out this whole weekend has be constantly full of upbeat and happy people.  Such a great work environment.


Background W.I.P.

Here's one of my Backgrounds for my film that I'm workin' on right now.


Film Frame

Pose to pose animation!