I registered for my 4th year at CalArts yesterday!  Man is time flying by.  Today also marks the second year of my dad's passing.  Time keeps moving forward for better or worse.

Here's the colored and pencil version of this piece.


Dahlia Sketches

Here are some WIP sketches of a girl I'm drawing based off of a Dahlia flower.  I'll have a final/colored version up tomorrow!




Let's bring this blog back from the dead!! 

 Lots have happened.  I've finished my third year of school, and I've been to France!  I went to the Annecy Film Festival and met lots of lovely people and saw amazing beautiful thiiiinggssssss.

I'll be covering more with my next updates.



Here's a surfer spread with my preliminary thumbnails below.

I haven't posted in forever and I apologize.  I'm wrapping up my last week here as a third year, then it's onto fourth year!!!  AAAAHHHHHHHHH, when did that happen.

Sooooo lots of drawing this summer.


They Can't Take That Away From Me

I highly recommend that you play the song since the drawing I did goes with it.

I want this to be a weekly gig, taking a song and creating something inspired by it.



This is my favorite thing that I got out of adding stuff to my portfolio for Portfolio Day.



I've done a lot of designs based on flowers and this is one of them.

Portfolio day is coming up next week so I'll be posting a lot of stuff and I'll be updating my portfolio website along with the designs of this website and so on and so forth.


An Assortment

Like a box of chocolates.  

Here's a plank of wood, photoshop, and an oil painting.

We had our Character Animation Gallery show recently which was a lot of fun and great to see everyone's work up.

Up next is Portfolio Day, and then comes filmsss.



I have a tumblr now where I'm going to be posting drawings every day, feel free to check it out!  This teaser of the first daily drawing, the full one is on my tumblr.




I found a new show, it's called Downton Abbey and it is amazing.  It has gorgeous shots and costumes and the writing is just brilliant.

Go watch it!!

This is Daisy, she works in the kitchen.


In the kitchen the sunlight is always creating a glow around it's inhabitants.  Daisy is portrayed as a fresh faced, pale and pink character.  Always innocent, young and forever in that light.

Until Season 2!! Which I'm currently watching, so shush!

On top of all those amazing things I listed about the show, the music is gorgeous too!  Have a listen.


Film Concept

Here's my first bit of concept art for my third year film.

There's more art and film stuff to come very soon!