In the middle of an assignment, I did this quick scribble of a picture of my dad and I that I have on the wall in front of me.


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

I like The Secret Garden, the countryside, a big mysterious house, adventures in pajamas, rainboots, gloomy cold weather, McGonagall.

Mary is always so serious and angry looking, but I would be too if other kids taunted me when no one came to pick me up after my parents died in an earthquake in India.  Kids are so mean.  Yes, her parents just died, let's throw nursery rhymes at her.

Tiffany would like to add: "kids are so mean, yeaaaaahhh.  play with that crooked spined mean boy.  PLAY WITH HIM."

Another Layout

Another layout from Layout class.
I'm sticking with a film idea finally, rough storyboards and designs are in the making!

I haven't posted in so long because I keep telling myself I can update once I change my blog layout, still haven't done it yet so I'm updating anyways.

Oh!  My friend accidentally found us an amazing pumpkin patch.  I got some more ideas to add to my film.