Mary Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

I like The Secret Garden, the countryside, a big mysterious house, adventures in pajamas, rainboots, gloomy cold weather, McGonagall.

Mary is always so serious and angry looking, but I would be too if other kids taunted me when no one came to pick me up after my parents died in an earthquake in India.  Kids are so mean.  Yes, her parents just died, let's throw nursery rhymes at her.

Tiffany would like to add: "kids are so mean, yeaaaaahhh.  play with that crooked spined mean boy.  PLAY WITH HIM."


Anonymous said...

looove this movie, and your amazing drawing :)

Adventures Across the Golden Gate said...

I love this movie as well as your HP reference because McGonagall in the book is just like the character in the movie! :D And Tiffany you are a hoot!