Valencia in 11 days!!!!!!! AGGGHHHHHHH!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!??!?



Where art thou Tim? I heard you met my "crazy aunt" at your job.

Dreams do come true, for serious

I took a few hours today to search for rooms to rent so that I had some place to stay while at CalArts. After e-mailing 6 or 7 people about renting a room, I get a call from CalArts saying that a student cancelled their dorm room, and I won the luck of the draw and got the room!!! AND THEN, she took my roommate request that my friend and I sent in and we get to room togther!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So heck yes, this is amazing insanity! 26 Days.



Did the 'title' give you enough excitement?! Because I just wanted to come on here and make up for my last lackluster post. I SWEAR I'm excited for CalArts, for serious. I've just wanted this for long and have researched and read other students blogs and thought about what I would do for their class projects, that I'm still in shock and disbelief. I'll have rare moments 2 or 3 times a day where I realize I'm going to CalFREAKIN'Arts, but otherwise I'm still oblivious. It hasn't fully set in. I just wanted to make sure that whoever reads this knows I am just in shock and awe that I got into my dream school and that I get to follow my dream.

In other news I cut 10 inches off my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. I've done this one other time before in my freshmen or sophomore year of high school, and now I'm not sure if my hair's ever made it. I left before either place bagged 'em up. I mentioned this to my mom and she was just, "Ah geez just stop."

I've been wait listed for a dorm room at CalArts, but someone on animatedbuzz just got an e-mail that he got a room, so I'm still hopeful...



After 7 months of being on the wait list, I got a call 3 nights ago saying congratulations, then I received the legit congrats in the mail today. The picture quality isn't that great. ANYWAYS, there are sparse moments where I realize I'm going to my ultimate dream school, but for the majority, it hasn't hit me yet. Which is RIDICULOUS!! Maybe when I hear back from Financial Aid and Housing it'll start to register...