Films Done & Figure Drawings

Life begins again!  
Until I start working on my film for next year, which is tonight or tomorrow.

But yes, my film is turned it!  It is what it is, after all the "set backs", which is what made my film what it is now.  It is, was an is, is an is, as an is, in the is.

Here's some figure drawings from today, the first bit of my own drawing outside of my film for the longest time.


Films are almost due!

11 hours and 45 minutes, until films are due!

The computer lab that I've been in day in and day out this whole weekend has be constantly full of upbeat and happy people.  Such a great work environment.


Background W.I.P.

Here's one of my Backgrounds for my film that I'm workin' on right now.


Film Frame

Pose to pose animation!



Here's another with the same couple.



I'm a liar... but all for good reasons!!

Films are due in...  13 days.

Time to bring this guy out again.


So I haven't been doing daily postings since I've been trying to get my film up and off the ground.  Here's a quick coloring test for one of the stars in my film.

And this big boy is almost done.  This is just a tiny bit of a pan that I'm finishing up tonight for my film.


Doodle Noodle

Daily Doodles starting up again, after it's rough start out of the gate.  Portfolio day was today!  Time to focus on my film 24/7.