Quick Poster

Here's a quick movie poster that I did for a story project that I'm doing with Rika.  Out of a paper bag we pulled da Vinci and Submarine.  Horror Da Vinci Film!

If you can read this whole image, awesome!

If not, it can be kinda hard to read, so just in case I want to tell you what's there because I liked how this came out.  This broken ship is in the foreground, with a mermaid statue that's on the bow of the ship, with our creature(s) legs crawling around.  Then we have our submarine housing our main character da Vinci coming down to investigate.

I love layout and vis dev, just placing things within a frame is so much fun for me.

So I created a lot of thumbnails for this, and I still had my original thumbnail for this opened in photoshop when I was finishing this and I accidently clicked it.  I always think it's great to see where you started from, so I have my original thumbnail and the finished piece below.

I also love documenting the progress and process when creating a drawing/painting/sketch however you wanna call it.  I always take screencaps throughout creating things when working in photoshop.

I drew a da Vinci and I might post him later.

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